Luke Exell

Luke Exell, Deputy-Head of the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) State-wide Cladding Audit.
Luke joined the VBA is February 2017 as the Registrar for the Building Appeals Board, before he was asked to lead the VBA’s External Cladding Audit Group (ECAG) in July 2017. This role focussed on pursuing compliance and enforcement of buildings deemed non-compliant during the VBA’s external wall cladding audits which occurred post the Lacrosse fire.

Following the release of the Victorian Cladding Taskforce’s interim report on 1 December 2017, Luke transitioned to the role of Deputy Head of the State-wide Cladding Audit – which leads the Victorian Government’s response to cladding. The project’s focus is on reducing the fire safety risk of buildings found to have combustible cladding – such as expanded polystyrene or aluminium composite panels with a polyethylene core.

Before joining the VBA, Luke was an Associate Public Defender, Senior Lawyer and Deputy Managing Lawyer of the Indictable Crime Team at Victoria Legal Aid, responsible for providing advice to persons charged with the most serious offences known to law in Victoria. Luke was also a Senior Solicitor Advocate at the Office of Public Prosecutions where he had commenced his legal career in the Specialist Sexual Offences Unit.