Nathan White

Nathan White, Fire Engineering Team Leader | Infrastructure Technologies and Testing Services

Nathan is Team Leader for CSIRO Fire Safety Engineering. As a fire engineering professional, he provides fire safety consulting with specialist expertise for both the building construction industry and the rail sector. Nathans 18 + years’ experience in fire safety have also included fire safety research and testing focused on materials flammability, transport fire safety, bushfire research, and façade fire performance. During this time he set fire to trains, buildings, fire trucks, road and rail tunnels and numerous building products.


In 2015 Nathan published the book “Fire hazards of exterior wall assemblies containing combustible components“,  with research funded by NFPA Fire Protection Research Foundation. Since that time Nathan has provided specialist services related to façade fire performance including  inspections, peer reviews, testing, input to standards development and various advisory reference panels.

Nathan has completed a Masters of Engineering by research on fire development on passenger trains.