Volker Raedel

Volker RaedelGeneral Manager – CASA Systems
Volker Raedel, General Manager of CASA Systems has built a solid fabrications business that supplies the roofing and facade cladding industry with highly customised solutions. Involved mainly with high end and niche projects, CASA caters for clients from Lendlease to Bellevarde. Volker has spent over 20 years working in the roof plumbing industry and knows what makes an innovative design work. It is working from the inception of the project and ensuring a quality finish right through to specialised installation.

Starting his apprenticeship in Munich, Volker relocated to Australia to gain experience. He began his Australian career with ARC Roofing and Cladding as a roof plumber and worked up to firstly; Deputy of the workshop then Manager, and finally Factory Manager before forming CASA Systems in July 2016. CASA Systems has been the frontrunner in innovative design and produces highly creative solutions as can be seen at the Audi Lighthouse, The Brewery at Central Park and Margaret Whitlam Pavilion in Canberra. It’s about looking at a project from a different angle; how can we innovate this design and truly make it special.

Volker has trained many staff and taught them a new way to think. It is important to execute quality with design. Volker is a qualified Roof Plumber and an accomplished General Manager.